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Gastronomically speaking, Skopelos is a paradise of good food and it is really difficult to decide what to mention first...

Original ingredients and local produce, countless luscious combinations and imaginative cooking make Greek cuisine unique in the world, with dishes that echoe the beauty of the country itself; salty like the Aegean Sea or mellow like a wonderful sunset, warm like the morning sun or velvety like the clouds of the sky, invigorating like the spring breeze or crisp like the autumn rain, sometimes imposing and vociferous like the waves.

No matter how long you stay on Skopelos, there is always a new gastronomic pleasure, a new specialty with imagination and originality to give in to. Certainly, the fact that many of the islanders were sailors who have travelled the world gives a little extra to local cuisine, which – full of changes and pleasant surprises – wins a place at the top of contemporary Greek gastronomy !

FAROS restaurant

Above Loutraki Port (Glossa), Takes bookings, Walk-ins welcome, Good for groups, parties or weddings, Family friendly, Good for children, Takeaway, Table service and Outdoor seating. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Coffee and Drinks.

Owners: Antonis & Machi Maridakis
Phone: +30 2424033700
Fax: +30 2424033221
Email: info@aegeanwave.com


KORALI restaurant

Owner: Dimitris Pantos
Phone: +30 2424022407
Mobile: +30 6934701488
Email: info@koralirestaurant.gr