Drakondoshisma (Dragon’s Cleft)

Steep rocks, pines trees hanging over them, and turquoise waters below create a picture of unrivalled beauty ...

Located on the South side of the island, “Drakondoshisma” is a steep gorge surrounded by the sea. The distance -off the main bus route towards Agnontas- is only 650 meters at the very end of a dirt track with plenty of parking space. Below the small shrine -built almost on the edge of the cliff- you will have the opportunity to admire a picture of unrivalled beauty, created by the wild steep rocks, the pines trees “hanging” over them and the turquoise waters. Agnontas beach and hamlet are 2.2 klm away.

The legend

According to the legend that arose, in the early 4th century there was a Dragon on Skopelos, who was killing the inhabitants and destroying the crops.

Agios Reginos, the patron saint of the island, decided to exterminate the beast and save the people. For days, the Saint was chasing it throughout the island, until they reached at this point. As he had no other way to escape, the Dragon jumped from the cliff into the sea and was killed. From the fall, a deep cleft opened up in the mountainside all the way to the sea. It was named “Drakondoshisma”, meaning the “Dragon’s Cleft”.

Much later, the faithful residents built a small shrine here to pay hommage to the Saint. Nowadays, locals celebrate this small memorial annually, the last week of April.

Directions to Drakondoshisma

On the main bus route towards Agnontas, 2.4 klm after Stafylos, turn left on a dirt road which skirts the forest, and at the first junction go left again. While the whole distance is only an easy 650 meters walk, you may use the local bus and ask the driver to drop you at the turn.