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Velanió beach, Skópelos

600m of scenic, pine-backed sand and fine gravel, with pristine sea and views across to Évvia…


Is Skopelos the perfect Greek island?

Authentic hilltop towns, empty beaches, and characterful tavernas frequented by hordes of pregnant cats —Skopelos has nearly everything a visitor to Greece could… by Oliver Smith


Meet the Sporades: Skopelos

Skiathos is an up-and-coming holiday resort frequented by the rich and famous. Alonissos is an unspoiled, largely agricultural island. Skopelos offers the best of both worlds.


Greek island holiday guide: The Sporades

Skopelos is larger, but less visited than Skiathos. Its rugged scenery is perhaps more beautiful and certainly less developed. Its charms were celebrated in the film Mamma Mia!.


We’re all heading for …Skopelos

Although the Greek Islands have long been a popular destination for British holidaymakers, the tiny island of Skopelos has, until now, been a closely guarded secret.


Emerald isle

“Very Greek, very green” best sums up sleepy but stylish Skopelos… says Chris Moss. Faced with the hundreds of islands that litter the map of Greece, I’ve always wondered how people choose their favourites.


The spirit of ancient Greece lives on Skopelos

Paul Mansfield explores an unspoilt heaven where time stands still and goats outnumber people. This is an island which has put tourism in perspective. Rich with olives, vines and orchards, and with a sizeable number of visitors…


The isle of low lights leaves a warm glow

Think of Greek islands and visions of perfect whitewashed villages and deserted bays dance into consciousness… by Paul Gogarty. Here, you’ll find no rash of neon (it’s banned); just pretty, whitewashed towns clinging like limpets to cliffs…