Velanio beach

Discreet and unspoilt, Velanio remains as pristine as it was over half a century ago ...

Accessible on foot from Stafylos beach -about 500 metres, or by boat
Official Nudist beach, Direction: South, South-East

An open-sea beach, much valued by naturists and those who like open and empty spaces. It is situated just around the corner of the characteristic rocky outcrop, at the far end of Stafylos beach on the other side of the headland which you have to climb. Larger and wider than neighboring Stafylos, it is very impressive with fine thick sand and a mixture of shingle and big rocks here and there. If you walk up to the far end you will find a fresh-water spring. Thanks to the forest and the non-existence of road, this part of the south coast remains comparatively undeveloped and natural.

Today, Velanio is the only official nudist beach of the island; stunning with clear waters, peaceful and never crowded, it offers wonderful views of the cliffs and the amazing scenery while you swim. Ideal for snorkelling, with lots of fish to enjoy. Please be informed that there are no facilities on site, so you should make provisions for water, snacks, beach mats etc before getting there.

The map of Velanio beach