Stafylos beach

Shallow, safe and free of currents, Stafylos is said to be perfectly situated to become the warmest swimming spot early in the season.

0.5 km from bus stop
4.5 km from Skopelos town
with Facilities, direction: South-West
Several, fairly easy steps to walk down
Family friendly, Parking along the road

If you wish to use the local bus service –which is pretty regular in the summer months– this beach is the closest to Skopelos town, a total distance of 4,5 km (4 km by bus and 0.5 km on foot). A sloping road, 500 meters from the bus stop and a staircase will bring you down to the shore. Mixed with sand and fine shingles, with umbrellas, sun beds and beach bar, in a delightful setting, Stafylos is popular and prone to get crowded. Please be informed that car parking in the peak season gets limited.

The environment is natural and unspoilt, with beautiful wooded hills above and around the beach, and fresh water pouring down from a spring. Sea water is crystal clear and snorkelling around the coves of the bay is a great pleasure.

Holidays in Stafylos area

Recommended accommodations

Velanio, the nudist beach


The area was named after the mythical Prince Stafylos. His grave was found on the small cape at the end of the shore, together with his golden sword which is displayed at the Archaeological Museum of Athens. The grave is similar to the royal Mycenaean ones. It is believed that Prince Stafylos with a group of Cretans settled here and founded a town, in 1600 B.C.

The map of Stafylos beach and bay