Wedding Documents For European Citizents

Non Greek residents who wish to have a civil wedding in Greece will have to submit all legal documentation from their home country.

Legal documents for a civil wedding in Skopelos for European Citizens

For a civil wedding -which will also be accepted in your country- the following documents are required of both parties.

1. Passport.

2. Full Birth Certificate

A certified copy of the birth certificate – with Apostille stamp along with an official translation in Greek. The couple must obtain full versions of documents. Both parents’ full names are required. 

3. Certificate of Non-Impediment to Marry or Single Status Letter

This document confirms that you have not been married and you are free to marry. It is available from your local Registrar Office and must be issued within three months of your wedding date. It must be legalised with Apostille stamp and translated in Greek.

4. Decree Absolute

For those who are divorced, certified divorce papers are required – with Apostille stamp, translated in Greek.

5. Spouse’s Death Certificate and Previous Marriage Certificate

If you are widowed, you have to provide this certificate – with Apostille stamp, translated in Greek.

6. Deed Poll Certificate or Statutory Declaration

If you have changed your name in the past, you need a copy of the deed poll – with Apostille stamp, translated in Greek. Please note, this includes divorcees who have reverted to their maiden name.


During the wedding ceremony, two (2) adult witnesses (over the age of 18) will have to be present, with their passports or ID cards.

Greek Translation and Apostille Legalisation

All documents (except passports) must be certified with the “Apostille” stamp, translated in Greek and authenticated and  in the Greek Embassy or Consulate in your own country. The “Hague Apostille” certifies the copy as a legal document.

Any foreign legal documents which are to be used in Greece must be officially legalised with the “Hague Convention Apostille”. The “Apostille” is a stamp or seal that signifies the document is legal and authentic; it is meant to simplify the process of document legalisation across international borders. If submitting more than one document requiring a “Hague Convention Apostille”, each document must have an “Apostille”.

A “Hague Convention Apostille” for a legal document, such as a birth certificate or divorce decree, can be obtained by an approved government office in the country, state or county where the document originates (this could be a State Secretary’s office or Foreign and Commonwealth Office).

Documents Review

Please send us your documents for review six (6) weeks prior to your wedding – we have to confirm that your paperwork is in order. We will submit a mutual application at the Town Hall and the date and time of the wedding can be arranged. You must bring the original copies of all documentation with you. Without the necessary documents, there cannot be a wedding!