How to travel

For all the maritime companies which operate in Sporades Islands, as well as national and international flights to neighboring airports, please click the separate links on the top dropdown menu under the ``TRAVEL`` section ...

Skopelos has access with the ports of Agios Konstantinos, Volos, Mandoudi (Evia), Kymi (Evia), Skiathos, Alonnissos and Skyros.

Being in the middle of the three Northern Sporades islands, Skopelos is just a short ferry/hydrofoil journey from the nearest airport on Skiathos. Car ferries and hydrofoils link Skopelos to the mainland port of Volos, whose airport in Nea Anchialos also receives international flights in summer. Maritime companies run between the islands to Agios Konstantinos on the mainland, Kymi and Mandoudi on Evia.

From Athens by Flying Dolphin

Most visitors in summer will arrive via neighbouring Skiathos island, and take the forty minute ferry connections to the two ports at Skopelos Town or Loutraki in Glossa. Many prefer to arrange their own flights and connections via Skiathos, or Athens which has a summer bus link to Agios Konstantinos and year-round bus links to Volos, or via the airports at Volos or Thessaloniki. Car ferries run on all island and mainland routes throughout the year.