Think “Green”

Skopelos, in the Sporades archipelago, is a throwback – a reminder of how Greek islands used to be. Here, you’ll find no rash of neon (it’s banned); just pretty, whitewashed towns clinging like limpets to cliff… P. Gogarty

The town of Skopelos has been designated as a traditional settlement by Presidential Decree in 1978. According to Greek law, neon and other luminous signs are banned in traditional settlements.

The places we choose to advertise are personally selected and inspected. We feel proud to announce that all owners of our advertised accommodation respect this prohibition and do not use neon and other luminous signs. Instead, they use traditional wooden signs, or even nothing.

Our policy would be to reject and delete any advertiser from the site who violates this restriction.

The isle of low lights leaves a warm glow

The isle of low lights leaves a warm glow

Think of Greek islands and visions of perfect whitewashed villages and deserted bays dance into consciousness. by Paul Gogarty  Daily Mail, Saturday, August 12, 2000 InRead more