The Island of Skopelos

Skopelos of the Northern Sporades, Greece: The greenest island in the Aegean Sea ...

Charming and lovely, exciting and sophisticated, lively and tranquil. There are many such adjectives to describe this shimmering emerald of the Aegean. Skopelos is an island for everyone’s taste. Ideal for those who want to do more than lie on the beach all day. A terrific place to explore. An unforgettable adventure in idyllic surroundings.

Lying between Skiathos and Alonnissos, Skopelos is the second island in the Northern Sporades chain. It extends 13 miles length by 5 miles width, covers 96 square kilometres and is situated in a geographical with of 38º, like Sardinia, the Majorca islands and Ibiza of Spain, the Azores of Portugal and California of the USA.

According to the last census in 2011, the whole island had a permanent population of 4.960 inhabidants, and a density of 51,50 inhabidants per square kilometer. Since then there has been an increase in population, especially in Skopelos town and Glossa village.

The island is very mountainous and is made up of two massifs of unequal size. The mountain folds form many ravines and gorges which become small torrents during the wet season. Geographically speaking, Skopelos can be regarded as an extension of the Pelion peninsula.

Unlike the Cyclades, which are famous for their barrenness, Skopelos is verdant, with lush forests and trees.

Skopelos is the second island in the Northern Sporades chain and the largest one