Glossa Village

It is not particularly touristic, but a more ``authentic`` Greek village...

Situated on the northwest side of the island –3 klm above its harbour of Loutraki– Glossa is found at an altitude of 300 meters, and 25,4 km away from Skopelos town. Typical and tranquil this amphitheatrical village –with traditional houses and narrow cobblestone streets where no cars can venture into– enjoys some of the loveliest sunsets.

The area has a lot of fresh-water springs. Villagers cultivate almonds, olive trees, prunes and vineyards. They used to breed a sheep which could drop 3 to 4 lambs and was renowned for the quality of its wool. Many caiques are still involved in offshore fishing, which has become an extremely popular pastime for the locals.

In Glossa area they have found traces of human habitation date back to the Paleolithic era. They are made up of huddled groups of dwellings on the sea front, surrounded by walls and some arable land. Many centuries passed before a civilization was built named “Selinus” in the Glossa region, and they were located near to the present sites.

Every August Glossa holds its annual “Dancing Festival”, while the annual “Stafylofest” (Wine Festival) –a fun traditional event– takes place the last week of September.

In central point of the village you will find a cash machine (ATM) for your cash needs. According to the last census in 2011, Glossa had a permanent population of 993 inhabitants.

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The wedding chapel from Mamma Mia! looked like a piece of CGI perfection, but it’s a real place, Agios Ioannis Kastri. Steps lead up from the sandy cove to the improbably located church. Its movie associations mean that coach and boat trips can spoil the romance, but come in the late afternoon or early evening and you might enjoy the place to yourselves.


swim @ Perivoliou

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Map of Glossa Village