Armenopetra beach

The beach was named after the impressive white rock which is standing there and ``navigates`` the sea.
The word ``Armenopetra`` in Greek language could be explained as a navigation / sailing rock.

Difficult access
No facilities, ample of Parking
orientation: North-West (first part), South-West (second part)

From the main bus road towards Glossa, a steep and rough track takes you down to this lovely and quiet beach. There is ample parking but no facilities, while a 4-whl drive is recommended. If the first part, which is sandy and faces North-West is breezy, try the second one – named Kalyves in Armenopetra – which is pebbled and faces South-West.

Travelogue by Lesli Christianson-Kellow

Although the access road is narrow and bumpy, you will be rewarded with a beach that is practically private. Note: Walk around the rock formation to find a tiny spot of beach that is perfect for snorkeling among the protruding rocks.

Map of Armenopetra beach