A complete journey (drawing, plans, pictures) through the creation of eight villas. These eight villas, in spectacular sites beside the sea, built with local materials and in accordance with the construction techniques of the island with the magical landscapes in which they are integrated, are eight lessons on the notion of genius loci, which so inspired Marc Held’s architecture.

“I like to read books like this to remind me of our little piece of a Greek Island in the sun, and to get me through those dark winter days and the gaps between our visits. A book so vivid in description, it is almost like watching a film, you can picture all the events in your mind, both funny and serious.”

“Cooking with Loula” will send you forward on a delicious journey, not only to discover Loula’s recipes, but to reconnect and create your own lasting food memories (glass of Greek wine and Greek soundtrack in the background highly recommended but optional). Happy cooking!

“Clear mapping on good quality durable paper. Shows terrain and footpaths and places of interest. Good range of features. Should be a good hiking aid.”

“Set on Skopelos island, this book is a romance /drama /murder mystery that will keep you gripped and reading throughout.”

A book of striking images and insightful text that portrays the beauties, history and culture of Skopelos. This book takes the reader into the centuries-old, narrow, winding, back streets of Skopelos’s two major towns. And throughout, the reader is introduced to Skopelos’s culture and history with its numerous architectural and archaeological treasures.

“The Murderess is a bone-chilling book with the force of an Appalachian backwoods ballad.”

“Set on the author’s native Aegean island of Skiathos, these twelve stories capture the folkways of Greece.”

“I treasure this book for both its evocative pictures and wonderful ideas. Although it captures all the radiance of the Patmian light, John Stefanidis’ superlative eye gives you a clue as to how to be courageous with combining beautiful things in quirky and serene spaces.”

“Aside from the great philosophical debates, Zorba the Greek is so compelling for its human content, full of warmth and humanity.”

“A value for money book by someone who cares about cooking. The best Greek Recipe Book I have ever bought. I have collected many Greek recipe books, but this is the best one so far. Well done George.”

“The writing is unfussy, the story concise but as hardy as its fishermen, and the sum total is powerful. A novel that stays with you after you’ve put it back on the shelf.”

“Absolutely fabulous book. Whatever you decide to make it will certainly come out delicious. I have bought lots of copies for my family and friends I really recommend this cook book.”

“Captain Corelli’s Mandolin achieves that rare feat of saying something new about war…fusing with remarkable felicity the cosmic and the tragic, the lyrical and the epic…”