2-3 guests
1 bedroom
1 bathoom
full kitchen
free WiFi
close to beach

The “Balcony Above The Sea” apartment is a small gem amongst the beautiful whitewashed houses of Skopelos Old Town and has all one could want from a holiday accommodation. Although small (33m²) the apartment has been thoughtfully decorated with care to make the spaces perfectly adequate and comfortable. The quality furnishings really give it the feel of a home rather than a holiday apartment. Situated just at the end of the Skopelos Town waterfront overlooking the most photographed and well-known church of “Panagitsa”, this apartment is a unique, one-of-a-kind flat.

Its convenient location is perfect for couples or small families to be near the action of the harbour front, but situated in a quiet and peaceful locale with no traffic. The sounds of the sea gently lapping on the beach below will rock you to sleep and drain away the stresses of every day life. The refreshing sea breezes keep the apartment cool and comfortable all summer long. It is perfect for exploring and beach combing and the water is crystal clear.


Interiors: For 2-3 guests, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, livingroom, plenty of amenities…


Roof Terrace: Feeling on top of the world, seagulls fly past, fishing boats ply the waters…


Guests’ Reviews: The apartment was simply stunning; great location, highly recommended…


Value for Money: Prices per night start from €60 up to €108 for the whole apartment…


♦ Convenient location just 100 meters from waterfront ♦ Oldest picturesque neighborhood of town ♦ No car access ♦ Numerous stairs ♦ Small pebble beach ♦

The apartment is located at the far end of the harbour front in the oldest, most picturesque section of the village. It is reached by a long flight of stairs that lead to the main Church of “Panagitsa” and is just a little further up the cliffs’ edge past the church yard. There is no need to pack and carry lots of luggage – the apartment is fully equipped except the clothes needed for this casual island atmosphere. But of course, don’t forget your beachwear! A small rocky beach is situated just below the cliffs and can be reached in a few minutes walk.


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