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– by Rosie Thomason, owner

It is said that Skopelos is the greenest of all the Greek islands and once you have spent some time exploring this magical place it is a difficult claim to deny. With five million pines, fifty thousand olive trees and only five thousand inhabitants it is a place where the natural world dominates and the heat of the beaches is fringed by the cool of the forests. There are also many broad leaf trees to be seen including sweet chestnuts, walnuts and oak trees, as well as a variety of wild flowers and orchids. In addition, the island was once famous for the production of plums which were dried in the many plum ovens that create one of the myriad of architectural features seen throughout. Skopelos has a fabulous, varied coastline of sweeping beaches, rugged cliffs and azure blue seas. All but a couple of the beaches are made up of pebbles – ideal for snorkelling. Skopelos Town has a good variety of waterfront tavernas, bars and cafes, as well as original pottery shops.

Skopelos’ wild flowers

It is especially beautiful in springtime, when the weather is cooler and the whole island is covered in wild flowers. In early summer the spring anemones, orchids and rock roses are replaced by plants like brooms and chrysanthemums, and Autumn brings wild cyclamen and winter crocus.

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Skopelos island offers the visitor a rich and varied holiday experience. As one of the most traditional and picturesque towns found in the Greek islands, with its expanse of pristine nature, beaches and clean water, it is a place to fall in love with. It’s no wonder so many people who visit return again and again.

  • With its varied and scenic landscapes, Skopelos provides the perfect environment for the walker and you can walk for hours without encountering a car. Several good walking guides can be found, each one having detailed walking maps and directions. Guided walks are also available.
  • Skopelos also gets its share of bird watchers, with over 60 species of wild, native or migratory birds registered.
  • The beaches are largely uncommercialised, although some offer a taverna or two for a drink or long leisurely meal.
  • The clarity of the sea makes Skopelos a perfect environment for those who enjoy snorkeling. The rockier parts of the coastline are most interesting with more marine life.
  • An excellent way of passing a day is by taking one of the boat excursions on offer, many of which pass through the Marine Park around Alonnissos and on to Kyra Panagia.